Economy Studies for Economics 101

New Ideas & Materials for Educators & Students

In this booklet, we provide suggestions, content and teaching material for how to modernise and enrich introductory economics courses. In doing so we hope to assist educators in improving and adapting the courses they teach, as well as helping students make suggestions for how this could be done. It is important to note that we pose all these suggestions as potential sources of inspiration, not a checklist of all the things that necessarily should be included. After all, there is a practical limit to what can be taught within a single course.

Table of Contents

Reading Guide

To get an overview of the Economy Studies project as a whole, start with the Summary.

For concrete suggestions on topics and material to enrich your own course, go directly to Adapting Economics 101 Courses.

For tips on making students familiar with the different economic perspectives, take a look at Economic Approaches.

For ideas and materials on teaching students about introducing the economy, take a look at the Building Block chapters.

To see what you can do to help modernize economics education at your own university, see the Conclusion.

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