Workshops for Educators

Ask us for a tailor-made workshop

We run workshops for lecturers, deans and program coordinators to take them through the toolkit of Economy Studies.

Learning outcomes of past workshops have been:

  • Discuss how the economy is changing and what this means for economics programs
  • Work hands-on with the Building Blocks to create new courses or update existing courses
  • Find new teaching materials for your area of teaching
  • Redesign economics courses within a business or public administration program
  • Learn about the worldwide Rethinking Economics student movement: what and why?
  • Create new courses from scratch during
  • Get started with the tools offered in our book, including a plan for the weeks that follows

We offer different packages, usually tailor-made. Depending on your needs, this can include a review of your current curriculum, a deeper dive after the workshop with interested lecturers, or other elements.

Workshops can be online or in-person, depending on your location and availability of our trainers.

Contact us to discuss options and pricing (partly depending on the financial resources of your organisation).

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