Economy Studies Essential Lectures: A General Explanation

These teaching packs are designed for 90-minute (online or offline) sessions that can be added to existing courses. They help students become familiar with an important topic that is often neglected. At some universities lectures and sessions are typically longer than 90 minutes and at others shorter. Feel free to adjust the material to make it with your context and purpose.


Political-economic systems define the ways in which the production and distribution of goods and services are organised that shape people’s lives. We live in capitalism, but what does that mean? This essential lecture helps students develop an understanding of it on the basis of the book Capitalism by Geoffrey Ingham. Learning the basics of how our economies are organised helps economists do their work better as they can place current issues and policy debates in context. This will also help them think systematically about how economies as a whole might function, what dynamics they might have and how the different parts operate and interact with one another.

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