Perspectives on the environment

Economy Studies Essential Lectures: A General Explanation

These teaching packs are designed for 90-minute (online or offline) sessions that can be added to existing courses. They help students become familiar with an important topic that is often neglected. At some universities lectures and sessions are typically longer than 90 minutes and at others shorter. Feel free to adjust the material to make it with your context and purpose.

How can economic schools of thought guide us through the ecological crisis?

The ecological crisis challenges the ways to understand the links between the environment, society, and the economy. To train students to be able to think critically about the issues associated with the crisis, we argue that it is important to take multiple perspectives into account. This lecture can help the students develop a familiarity with the different schools of thought and conceptions that exist within economics. This wealth within the discipline of economics can help them tackle the numerous questions emerging around environmental issues. For instance, what should a Green New Deal look like, which economic activities can help protect the environment, what are the institutional barriers to build a sustainable future, and how can they be addressed?

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Perspectives on the environment

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