Economy Studies Essential Lectures

What is it?

These teaching packs are designed for 90-minute (online or offline) sessions that can be added to existing courses. They help students become familiar with an important topic that is often neglected. At some universities lectures and sessions are typically longer than 90 minutes and at others shorter. Feel free to adjust the material to make it with your context and purpose.

What do we provide?

To enable teachers to renew their courses, we provide ready-to-use teaching packages with:

  • Lesson plans
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Readings
  • Classroom exercises
  • Exam questions

These teaching packs are open access and creative commons (CC BY), so feel free to share them with others and adjust them to better fit your purpose and context.

The materials are initially developed to fit academic economics bachelor and master programmes, but some packs like Introducing the Economy can also be used (perhaps in adjusted form) in high schools and professional and vocational educational programmes (such as ‘hogescholen’ in the Netherlands or ‘hochschule’ in Germany).

Every 1st of the month we publish the new teaching packages.

Know your own economy