Economy Studies for Business Schools

New Ideas & Materials for Educators & Students

In this booklet, we provide suggestions, content and teaching material for economics courses taught at business schools. Most business or management programs teach students a few economics courses, often focused on micro and macro 101. There are, however, many useful economic concepts and realities that students are rarely taught. With this booklet, we aim to help educators and students modernise the economics courses in business programs by paying more attention to different ways of organising, values, real-world knowledge, and diverse perspectives.

Table of Contents

Reading Guide

To get an overview of the Economy Studies project as a whole, start with the Summary.

For concrete suggestions on topics and material to enrich courses for business students, go directly to Courses for Non-Economists.

For an example of how an economics course in business programmes could look, see An Economics Course in a Business Programme.

For a brief explanation of the key economic theories on markets and firms and how they can be taught, see the Pragmatic Pluralism chapters.

For ideas and materials on teaching students about economic organisations and mechanisms, take a look at the Building Block chapters.

To see what you can do to help modernize economics education at your own university, see the Conclusion.

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