Economy Studies for Program Directors & Deans

New Ideas & Materials for Educators

In this booklet, we provide practical tools for analysing, improving and setting up economics programmes. Designing and refining economics curricula can be a daunting task. To help deans, program directors and coordinators, students, and professors we have devised instruments that assist with enriching standard courses, designing learning objectives, identifying elements for improvement in programs, and creating curricula from scratch.

Table of Contents

Reading Guide

To get an overview of the Economy Studies project as a whole, start with the Summary.

For concrete suggestions on topics and material to enrich economics courses, go directly to Adapting Existing Courses.

For a practical tool that helps you with quickly spotting what is missing in, and could improve, an economics programme, take a look at the Curriculum Review Tool.

For examples of how programmes using the Economy Studies approach and Building Blocks could look, see Example Curricula.

For advice on starting from the goal of education, preparing students for their future societal roles, when designing economics programs, read Learning Objectives.

To see what you can do to help modernize economics education at your own university, see the Conclusion.

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